Monday, February 15, 2010

So much can change over so little time. I've not returned to writing the novel of The Carriage House, though I've set out to do so five or six times now. It's funny, it's just not coming. Janet, my eldest sister, about whom the story is written, said that it never was a novel, but always a film. Were it to become a novel, then, it would likely be made into, you guessed it, a film.

None the less, my friend and associated the dark haired and beguiling Hillary Jacobson, emphasized that there's a huge market for metaphysical novels right now, and so I will pursue it again soon. Besides, I'd love to say " my novel..." at cocktail parties.

Meanwhile I'm in pre-production for a short I wrote in film school in 1998, depicting the life of a human spirit seeking reincarnation in the physical world. After placing at an on Craigslist in late January, I received over 130 responses. So, we'll be shooting in late March, and I can hardly wait to see the finished product in the middle of April where I'll hold a large reception premiere party.

The Carriage House is under its second reader at MGM and I'm really happy about that. Who wouldn't be? They're up for sale right now though, and it has put a hold on production, but someone will buy them, and hopefully will have the sense not to make Fame or Hot Tub Time Machine.

What's been great, regarding my short "The River of Life" is that technology has caught up with the concept, such that I can effortlessly build a website, gather images and artists all via the internet, in minutes. Its astounding. It would be nice to enter it in a number of festivals, win and then pay the cast and crew what they're worth. That would be fun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Revised TCH Screenplay Submitted to Nicholl's Competition 5-1-08 !!!!

There's seemingly no greater feeling than that of accomplishing whatever one sets out to do; but when it comes to writing, the feeling is ten fold. Mind you this was not the first time I've sent this script out, but of this version #9, it is. So, after some trepidation and a sense of impossability, on Sunday 4-30-08, I suddenly was overcome by a sense of "can do" or clarity. I worked until 2AM then returned the next day, getting the printed script (which of course the print was reluctant to print) into the manilla envelope. Though I admit I could have pondered every single line all over again, I chose the express route of trusting the instincts I'd had along the way, and only modified the bigger more critical connections between plot and scene sequence. There is the fear that I've left some glaring contradiction, or misalligned two scens, but I believe the reader will find a compelling enough story there to merit my consideration.

Now, I'm considering one of two next steps: tackling the novel form, or leaping over to "IDYLLWILD" my next script. Perhaps though the novel is more suited to writing at this time, as once again the characters and plot structure are fresh within my psyche. Yeah,

Monday, April 28, 2008

Under The Gun -

There's seemingly no more difficult obstacle than that of myself. I've known for a few weeks now that I'd only have until May 1st to get my 9th draft of my screenplay The Carriage House, revised for the Nicholl's Fellowship Screenwriting Competition. But, I procrastinated, (as I'm doing now) and it's going to take a miracle to get it in the bag.

I can't say I didn't try, after the dread wore off. I'd initially 'compared 2 scripts' through the Moviemagic Screenwriter capability, and was delighted at my conclusion that I was home free. Well, that is I'd rendered a 224 page composite... However, I discovered that it jumbled the characters into randomly associated scenes and dialogue. In short it was completely scrambled beyond repair. So, midday Saturday 4-26-08 I began anew, combining versions 4 and 8 as I'd intended all along. It's a slow, arduous task, only God and I can complete before Thursday. You see, before then I've got to catch up on my French 1 and Health 102 homework, and that's no small consideration.

Pray for me. I'd really like to hand this script in. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that I'd like to win the fellowship and the 30k.

Cheers -


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why I'm Not Novel Writing Presently -

Rather than novel writing, as I should be; I've gone to the library, LA's Central downtown, and gathered a number of books on novel writing. Among them: Teach Yourself: writing a novel. I've also returned to drafting a 7th version of the screenplay and intend to submit it to a local competition. Tonight, however, I will write some on the novel. I promise.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Resuming My Focus -

It's difficult to describe who I am, and just what my creative approach is, with no work being done at this time. I'm unemployed and facing difficult financial hurtles, but can't seem to find a suitable work dynamic, that is each consecutive employer seems more unpleasant than the last. I believe in fact the universe wants me to only work on my own, such that I don't have to answer to any employer, but then, how might I pay my rent?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Focusing on script - suspending novel...

Well - there's a hickup in my system. I had a conversation with with my eldest sister Janet, the subject of my novel, and she told me she never understood why the novel idea came about, and that she saw no need for it. She suggested that I return to the script, and that that would produce the ideal product; the film. I agree with her.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Creatives Programmable Universe

Incidentally, and more on track, one book I read in the summer of 2006, just after getting my literary agent, was entitled "Letters to a Young Novelist". It presented a marvelously direct, clear and simple approach to the process of novel writing.

I should also mention my own personal theory of the universe and its ability to support any endeavor whatsoever. When I discovered the above mentioned book, I'd gone to the library with the intent of finding how to books on novel writing. Once there at the library's computer log file to search desk, there sat the lone book on the counter, next to the terminal. I consider that no coincidence, and that somehow, that book was meant for me to find.

I believe the universe is "Programmable". When we focus our intention, so appears the next step toward that goal. If you'll notice, the minute you focus your intention on some endeavor, contributing factors, materialize. Many years ago I attempted to write a book about the origins of homophobia. I then began dating a man who knew the author the the book I was using for my research. Coincidence? Such was the case when I began my research for this 70 year old crime at the heart of this current project, and the co-central theme of the book. Where all roads were considered long since covered with new information, figuratively and literally, suddenly clear paths to that information appeared. Try it; focus on something, anything that you don't have and want more of, and more of it will appear.

What's more, I'm certain that the spirit both the individuals you wish to illustrate, if they were actaul people, and those of spirit guides who are experts in your area of art creativity, will immediately become available and remain at your disposal in the development of the writing, or any art project. Just look at the last page, the epilogue of Alice Waters's The Color Purple. She thanks the spirits that came in to help her complete the book.