Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Creatives Programmable Universe

Incidentally, and more on track, one book I read in the summer of 2006, just after getting my literary agent, was entitled "Letters to a Young Novelist". It presented a marvelously direct, clear and simple approach to the process of novel writing.

I should also mention my own personal theory of the universe and its ability to support any endeavor whatsoever. When I discovered the above mentioned book, I'd gone to the library with the intent of finding how to books on novel writing. Once there at the library's computer log file to search desk, there sat the lone book on the counter, next to the terminal. I consider that no coincidence, and that somehow, that book was meant for me to find.

I believe the universe is "Programmable". When we focus our intention, so appears the next step toward that goal. If you'll notice, the minute you focus your intention on some endeavor, contributing factors, materialize. Many years ago I attempted to write a book about the origins of homophobia. I then began dating a man who knew the author the the book I was using for my research. Coincidence? Such was the case when I began my research for this 70 year old crime at the heart of this current project, and the co-central theme of the book. Where all roads were considered long since covered with new information, figuratively and literally, suddenly clear paths to that information appeared. Try it; focus on something, anything that you don't have and want more of, and more of it will appear.

What's more, I'm certain that the spirit both the individuals you wish to illustrate, if they were actaul people, and those of spirit guides who are experts in your area of art creativity, will immediately become available and remain at your disposal in the development of the writing, or any art project. Just look at the last page, the epilogue of Alice Waters's The Color Purple. She thanks the spirits that came in to help her complete the book.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Novelist2 Software Purchased

After querying Google for a list of the highest rated novel writing software, and discovering that they were all $100.00+ at a well known writer retail store; I purchased a UK based software NewNovelist for a mear $54.00 and installed it electronically, from their site. I'm gleeful and eager to begin the process, after I study my French text book and write my twice weekly "Daily Fittness" log for my Health 2 class at LACC, both a requirement toward my English Literature degree transfer intention... Also, I'm going to purchase some ... For Dummies books to brush up on some remedial factors, namely algebra I & II, but this is far from the novel writing process objective of this site.

The inspiration for the screenplay, then for the novel

Late in the winter of 2002 my eldest sister asked me if she'd ever told me about the time she found the evidence related to a crime. I said she hadn't. She then told me about her residence as a young woman, in the early 70s, and what she discovered near there. When I realized that this evidence pointed to an actual crime, I did the research, and found that a criminal had resided there some 74 years earlier. So began my discovery of the most explosive crime, the 3rd worst in Los Angeles history, to hit the papers. To my surprise a great deal of information became available in a short period of time.

I contacted San Quentin and then searched the newspaper and tax assessor stacks downtown and was able to piece together a compelling screenplay. Within 2 years, I had what felt like enough of a screenplay to be produced in a staged reading; those were my exact thoughts. Then, a few days later, while at the gym a former associate in independent film, asked me what I'd been up to. I explained that I'd written a screenplay. His response was that I have it staged read through his company.

And so it was stage read on Tuesday, November 9th, 2004. All of the 17 actors covering 80 roles, and the one cast as the perpatrator who coincidentally was the spitting image of the actual criminal; did a SPECTACULAR job. I cannot thank them enough and hope they may play roles in the eventual film... Unfortunately, though my psychic held (holds) high hopes for the piece, it wasn't picked up immediately (and has yet to be sold).

In 2006 I was fortunate to get a literary agent. But, he wouldn't read the script because it had too many characters to be made into a movie. He suggested I write a novel. That's what I've been trying to do ever since. Last Sunday, 3/16/08 a friend from my Buddhist temple suggested I start a blog. So, that's what you see here.

Today I'm going to the Writer's Store on line, and buying myself some novel writing software; for my birthday, and for the re-invigoration of this novel writing process to get the project done.

So, I invite you to ride along as I undertake this exciting endeavor. I ask for your prayers and encouragement (and possibly your criticism, but I'm wary of that...), so that I can turn this out in a hurry. I can't wait to see it finished!