Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Revised TCH Screenplay Submitted to Nicholl's Competition 5-1-08 !!!!

There's seemingly no greater feeling than that of accomplishing whatever one sets out to do; but when it comes to writing, the feeling is ten fold. Mind you this was not the first time I've sent this script out, but of this version #9, it is. So, after some trepidation and a sense of impossability, on Sunday 4-30-08, I suddenly was overcome by a sense of "can do" or clarity. I worked until 2AM then returned the next day, getting the printed script (which of course the print was reluctant to print) into the manilla envelope. Though I admit I could have pondered every single line all over again, I chose the express route of trusting the instincts I'd had along the way, and only modified the bigger more critical connections between plot and scene sequence. There is the fear that I've left some glaring contradiction, or misalligned two scens, but I believe the reader will find a compelling enough story there to merit my consideration.

Now, I'm considering one of two next steps: tackling the novel form, or leaping over to "IDYLLWILD" my next script. Perhaps though the novel is more suited to writing at this time, as once again the characters and plot structure are fresh within my psyche. Yeah,

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