Monday, February 15, 2010

So much can change over so little time. I've not returned to writing the novel of The Carriage House, though I've set out to do so five or six times now. It's funny, it's just not coming. Janet, my eldest sister, about whom the story is written, said that it never was a novel, but always a film. Were it to become a novel, then, it would likely be made into, you guessed it, a film.

None the less, my friend and associated the dark haired and beguiling Hillary Jacobson, emphasized that there's a huge market for metaphysical novels right now, and so I will pursue it again soon. Besides, I'd love to say " my novel..." at cocktail parties.

Meanwhile I'm in pre-production for a short I wrote in film school in 1998, depicting the life of a human spirit seeking reincarnation in the physical world. After placing at an on Craigslist in late January, I received over 130 responses. So, we'll be shooting in late March, and I can hardly wait to see the finished product in the middle of April where I'll hold a large reception premiere party.

The Carriage House is under its second reader at MGM and I'm really happy about that. Who wouldn't be? They're up for sale right now though, and it has put a hold on production, but someone will buy them, and hopefully will have the sense not to make Fame or Hot Tub Time Machine.

What's been great, regarding my short "The River of Life" is that technology has caught up with the concept, such that I can effortlessly build a website, gather images and artists all via the internet, in minutes. Its astounding. It would be nice to enter it in a number of festivals, win and then pay the cast and crew what they're worth. That would be fun.

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